Terms and Conditions

Skydive and Gift Voucher Bookings

Your right to tandem skydive is conditional on signing our Acknowledgment of Risk form which will be presented and explained to you just before your skydive.

Skydive Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or changes prior to 4 working hours before trip departure will incur no cancellation fee.
Cancellations or changes within 4 working hours of trip departure, or customers who do not present themselves for a booking will be charged full price.
Working hours New Zealand 8.00am to 5pm.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are only valid for 3 years  from date of issue. Vouchers are Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

Pricing and GST

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of 15% GST (Goods and Service Tax). We do not accept payment in any other currency. Your card issuer may apply charges for converting currency. These charges are applied by your card issuer, we accept no responsibility for these.

We reserve the right to change our prices, we will do our best to update all marketing material in due course, however the price offered at our Dropzone will be the current price. We will not change the price of a Skydive order you have already made without prior notification. This may only happen in the unlikely event that a typing error has occurred and the price has been displayed incorrectly. In this instance, we reserve the right to withdraw your order and offer at the correct price. Any unlikely occurrences will be dealt with at our discretion.


We accept Visa and Mastercard. To pay by Credit Card select the card type and fill in your card details; Card Number, Card Expiry Date, and Card Holders Full Name. By giving us your Credit Card details you agree for us to take full payment from your credit card.


New Zealand Applicable Law

This contract is deemed to be made in New Zealand and the law of New Zealand , and of no other country, will apply to all issues relating to the contract or arising out of the contract.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information supplied to us will only be used to process your order. We do not share your information with any third parties. Your details are stored on our secure server and encrypted whilst in transit. Whilst our system is secure, we cannot offer a 100% guarantee of security on any information that you submit. This is due to the nature of technology and its associated risks. The information that you submit is therefore done so at your own risk.

We respect your privacy and will do everything that we can to protect it.